Welcome to TT's Attic!

As you step through the doorway to TT's Attic, you may feel yourself slipping back in time. Unlock your imagination as you visit historic sites through postcards, view ancient photographs, and discover unknown ancestral facts! You are most welcome to explore this special attic and share the joy within.



Kinfolk Chronicle  www.kinfolkchronicle.com

A family newsletter filled with current events, news, birthdays, anniversaries, and announcements. A great to keep up with the kinfolk!

A user name and password is needed; contact Tina at tina@ttsattic.com for assistance.


Attic History

Explore the history of TT's Attic and see what's behind this unusual website.

Steamer Trunk

A steamer trunk found in an attic would be filled with unusual and unexpected treasures. This trunk in TT's Attic holds special items from our personal collections. Some are keepers and others are for sale!


TT's Old Family Photos & Genealogy

A record of TT's past that shows the varied backgrounds for the wonderful people who played a part in developing her unique persona.



The Kinfolk Chronicle

An Attic wouldn't be complete without old newspaper clippings, magazines, and reference books.   Here you will find recent family news, announcements, and an email directory.

Ramsey's Family Photos & Genealogy

A record of Ramsey's past including information on the Landry, Dupeire, Cambre, Roux, and Vandergriff families.  Also, information on his Cajun Roots.

Private Alcove

Once completed, this will be a private area for family members only.  It will include TT's Book, her Journal, Travels, and personal Family Photos.


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