Landry Photos


Auguste J. Landry


Auguste J. Landry

Born: March 19, 1867

Died: Unknown

Four Generations

Standing: Ramsey & Nat

Seated: Auguste & Ramsey Jr. (me)

Another pose


Nathaniel J. Landry


Nat Landry

This photo was taken as he was leaving to go to Moss Point Mississippi to build ships for World War I.

Going to Moss Point

Nat and Pauline Cambre Landry

Nat holding Ramsey Sr.

Nat's new car.

Vacation in the 1950s

Work Photo from the 1960s

Grandpa worked at Shell Oil Refinery in Norco Louisiana

Grandpa's Norco Home

Constructed by Grandpa in the 1930s, using one old carpenter. Grandpa used to tell me that the carpenter made $1.00 a day for his work. Grandpa had to run him off at night because he didn't think he put in his "Dollar's worth".


Ramsey J. Landry Sr.


Dad as a child

High School 1939-40

Mom & Dad

Ramsey J. Landry & Ethel Clara Dupeire Landry

Mom and Me

Mom at Pontchartrain Beach

The Bathing Beauty

Mom in Mandeville Louisiana

Ramsey & Faye

The Wedding Party - 11-5-1949

The War Years

My Dad's Crew and Plane

Dad was Radio operator and Waist Gunner in a Martin B-26 Maurader.

The Ship home

Enjoying the Old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street with his fellow crewmember "Blackie".


From left to right: Faye Landry, Phillip Marsiglia, Ramsey, Carolyn (Not my Mother)

Formal uniform

Casual uniform



Ramsey J. Landry Jr.


Me as infant

1 year old

2 Years Old

3 Years old

December 1952

December 1954

A Christmas Card






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