Ramsey's Ancestry Documents


Dupeire Documents

Original Documents including Birth, Marriage, and First Communion Records.  These records are from my Mother's Side - The Dupeire/Roux side.

Ernestine Jambois First Communion - May 15, 1878

Souvenir Precieux A L'Ame Fidele

George P Roux & Clara M. Vandergriff Marriage License Receipt - August 2, 1888

John McClelland & Adele Jambois Marriage License Receipt - August 13th, 1877

August 13th Marriage License Receipt - Reverse Side

John McClelland & Adele Jambois Marriage License Receipt - July 22nd, 1880

The second license receipt for this couple. Perhaps the marriage did not take place the first time.

July 22nd Marriage License Receipt - Reverse

Lee Dupeire & Mary Jambois Marriage License Receipt - May 27th, 1887

Lee Dupeire & Mary Jambois Marriage Certificate - May 20, 1887

Cora McClelland Birth Registration Receipt - April 12, 1882

John F Dupeire Power of Attorney

R. E. Lee Dupeire Jr. Receipt for Registration of Birth - September 28, 1889


Newspaper Obituaries which contain valuable family information.


Landry Documents




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