Dupeire Photos


The Dupeire Side is my mother's family.  Her father was a Dupeire and her mother was a Roux.

Familie St. Leon Dupeire - My Great Great Grandfather


Familie St Leon Dupeire

From left is Robert E. Lee Dupeire, Unknown, Leontine Maureau (Wife) and Antoine Mumford.

St. Leon early photo with a son.

Son may be Robert E. Lee

St. Leon and Leontine

John Fernand Dupeire - 1880

First Born Son of St. Leon and Marie Mathilde Aralise Borduzat

Back of Previous photo, signed 1880 F. Dupeire

John F. Dupeire - 1902

John F Dupeire on April 14, 1889

This photo was taken in Grand Junction Colorado. How and why he was there is a mystery.

Edwin Dupeire

Third son of St. Leon and Leontine who later became a Doctor



Familie Robert E. Lee Dupeire - My Great Grandfather

Robert Lee Jr. and Friend

This is my Mother's Uncle Robert

Robert E Lee Dupeire (Lee) and Friend

Robert E. Lee Dupeire (Lee) and Friend


Walter A. Dupeire - My Grandfather

Street Car Strike of July 1929

Our Old Boat

USS Augusta (SP-946)

At anchor in Sabine Pass

Freeport Texas

Officers and Crew of the Augusta

Freeport Texas 1917

Walter A. Dupeire



George Pierre Roux - My Great Grandfather

George Pierre Roux

Clara Vandergriff Roux

George and Clara's Family


Sons George & Albert Seated on the ground. Wilfred, Ella (infant), & Olney above.

George Pierre Roux II

World War I veteran

Olney Anthony Roux

Wilfred Roux

Pro Golfer in the 30s.

Wilfred Roux

Roux Family Residence

In October 1818, this property was sold to Pierre Roux, the grandfather of George Pierre Roux. It remained a posession of the Roux family until 1901.

The Spanish Custom House

This house was originally constructed in 1790 and had many historic connections.

Historical Marker

Side Doors

Antique Fire Hydrant still in place.


Albert J. Roux - A Great Uncle

Uncle Albert Roux with either Laura or Shirley in the window

Officer Albert Roux

New Orleans Police Department

Gladys Roux - Known as Sister Baas

Married Larry Baas

Gladys Felicity Roux

Sister Baas

Either Gladys or Laura Roux with Baby Shirley



Dr. John Bernard Vandergriff - My Great Great Grandfather

Clara Vandergriff Roux

Broach worn by Clara Vandergriff Roux


Worn in portrait on the left

Dr. John Bernard Vandergriff

Dr. Vandergriff in his Union Uniform

Dr. John Vandergriff after the Civil War


Pins include GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) signifying service to the Union Army in the Cival War.

Emelie Vandergriff



Submitted by Carolyn Kitzmann Bonnin

Louise Vandergriff Drane


Youngest daughter of Dr. Vandergriff.

Ed Drane


Married to Louise Vandergriff.



Unknown Family Members - Unknown Family Members. 

Help is appreciated as it is unfortunate our past is so easily lost.







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