Attic History


TT's Attic was discovered and constructed quite by surprise while looking for a way to share my research, projects, collections, and thoughts with others. It is an on-going project of a  concept that has existed for decades.

TT's Attic is a special place for personal artistic expression through writing and painting while piecing together the puzzle of my heritage and existence.  This attic is also a physical representation of the thoughts and memories previously restrained within my mind.

The nick-name TeeTee was born on June 25th, 1999; the birth date of my precious nephew, Cody Brooks Taylor.  Upon our first meeting, I introduced myself as TeeTee; and hence, the name has proudly remained with me. Since then I have also acquired a beautiful niece, Carlee Paige Taylor, who also refers to me as Aunt TeeTee. 

Unofficially, I carried the last name of my step-father, Hugh Taylor, for many years. I was known as Tina Taylor throughout the duration of my barrel-racing experiences and other equestrian events.  So prophetically, the initials "T. T." were actually etched within my subconscious from as far back as the 1960's.

While TT's Attic remains a fantastical place to store my personal treasures, I encourage interested visitors to enter and explore the contents.

Have fun and enjoy your visit to TT's Attic!





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