Steamer Trunk


 A steamer trunk found in an attic would be filled with unusual and unexpected treasures. This trunk in TT's Attic holds special items from our personal collections. Some are keepers and others are for sale!

Click on each picture to view the individual collections.


Post Cards

Ramsey and I have collected old postcards for many years, including some from Green Cove Springs, New Orleans, and Pensacola.


Olde Towne Photos

Here are Olde Towne Photos of places our ancestors may have visited. They include Green Cove Springs and New Orleans.


Antique Bottles

Ramsey has a special interest in antique bottles, resulting in a large collection.



Antique Toy Sewing Machines

My interest in miniature sewing machines began when I was given Granny's small Singer Sewing Machine, dating from the early 1920's.


Original Oil Paintings

I have painted with oils for over 10 years, and have posted some of my favorite paintings.





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